Day 2 of my experiment on me!

I really like taking pictures of my meals, it’s fun!  Also useful to look back on when I can’t decide what to cook.  Today I felt like having a bit of a treat so I made Chunky Monkey Muffins from the Paleo Parents blog, I substituted coconut cream concentrate for the almond butter and used tapioca flour (not cocoa powder).  I also added some currants (not raisins as “The Boy” has scoffed them all).

My hairdresser was telling me all about the Millionaires Shortbread she had made and I told her she had to stop when she started telling me about all the butter.  I think butter is the most difficult food to live without, at least there is still bacon in my life,  looks like I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow!


Breakfast:  Green smoothie made with spinach, banana, pineapple and coconut milk

Snack: Chunky monkey muffin

Lunch: Cup of bone broth, spinach, home-made kimchi, smoked salmon, sweet potato with beef dripping and salt

Snack:  Another chunky monkey muffin, banana

Dinner: turkey with broccoli, braised red cabbage and roast carrots/celeriac

Joint pain was similar to yesterday, hand pain in the evening

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