Day 3 – thinking about coffee

Joint pain seems a little less today, hard to tell at this early stage though.

I forgot to take pictures of my food today as I have just had a piano delivered (I have saved up all my spare cash for over a year) and all I can think about is playing it.

I miss coffee.  I am still drinking black tea and I did not drink a vast amount before so it’s probably not caffeine withdrawal symptoms.  I think it’s more psychological.   The reason I gave it up is because I like it a bit too much.  It wasn’t a case of drinking it and thinking “Mmm, nice tasty coffee”  it was more like “wow, that’s heaven in a cup”  or ” that’s better” which seems wrong, it should just be nice, not INCREDIBLE!

Anyway:  Here’s what I ate today

Breakfast:  bacon and swede onion hash

Snack: 2 muffins (as yesterday) and an apple (I was so hungry!)

Lunch: Leftover roast turkey dinner from yesterday

Snack: muffin, banana

Dinner: Roast belly pork with crackling (yummo) with a stir fry of carrots, broccoli stalks, onion and red cabbage.  I then ate the last muffin as it was saying “please eat me Chrissie”  and now it’s gone it can shut up.


I woke up at 2.30am that night with a really itchy throat, maybe try a few days with less baked goods/less fruit?

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