Day 6 – less joint pain?

I am reading “It Starts With Food” by the Whole 9 people and it is very interesting.  I think I might have started to become more fat adapted as I am snacking less, find it easier to go 4 hours without eating and have been eating more fat and less carbs.  I must admit I find it easier to control my appetite throughout the day if I have a cooked breakfast rather than a smoothie.


Breakfast: breakfast hash made with leek, mushrooms, cabbage, pork mince, grated butter-nut squash and a seasoning blend I had already made up. Pictured below.


Snack – 1 banana and 4 prunes

lunch – Thai yellow curry with meatballs, broccoli, butter nut squash and celeriac noodles.  Pictured below.  Also had 1 blood orange.



Dinner: 1 slice of ham, sweet potato fried baked in the oven with beef dripping.  Guacamole with carrots and celery.  Forgot to take a picture.


Joint pain has been very low today, hardly anything, although I did not walk much so it’s hard to tell if the pain is decreasing.

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