Whole 30 – day 3

I am starting to feel like my joint pain is subsiding again, I must stay in control and remain on a strict whole 30 to see if there is a food related pattern.  I thought about stopping writing this blog as I keep on slipping up but I think if I continue to record my progress it will help stop me from eating off plan foods.

I was inspired by not-primal-toad when he was writing about his 21-day sugar detox (which I guess is pretty similar to what I’m doing), he said it’s much easier to stay on track if you record what you eat each day.  He also said it’s easier if you take photos of what you eat so I need to try to start doing this again.  I apologise in  advance for the many photos of breakfast hash that will soon appear.  I think anyone who reads what I eat for breakfast every day will look forward to me re-introducing eggs!

I also think it’s important to document what a person really goes through emotionally when they restrict what they eat compared to their normal consumption, we all have memories attached to different foods.  Many of us seek reward and comfort from foods and lets face it, sometimes we’re just too tired to cook so we pay a visit to the fish and chip shop.

Here’s what I ate on Sunday:

Breakfast: 2 sausages with (wait for it…  drum roll…) breakfast hash! made with grated swede, apples, onions.

Lunch: lamb fried with 5-spice, ginger and garlic.  I added leftover braised red cabbage, shredded mange tout, broccoli stalk matchsticks and zoodles (I used this)

Snack: grapefruit

Dinner: 5-spice ribs with sweet potato fries and salad (lettuce with avocado, kimchi and olive oil)

Joint pain was bad in the morning but from the afternoon onwards it was virtually non-existent.

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