Hi!  I’m writing this blog to keep a record of my progress as I complete 14 days of The AutoImmune Protocol diet to see if it helps my join pain and inflammation.  I will then try to keep a record of the foods I introduce and any effects on my body.

I have been following a basic paleo diet for about 2 years now and this has really helped my IBS but about 6 months ago my join pain started to get a lot worse and I would like to see if this is affected by diet.

I live with my husband and my son in a small village just outside the city of Cambridge in the UK.  My son has Aspergers Syndrome so we try to keep him on the GAPS diet.

I know there is currently a lot of talk about The Autoimmune Protocol in the Paleo community at the moment thanks to Diane Sanfilippo’s amazing book ” Practical Paleo” and the wonderful blogs by The Paleo Mom and Paleo Parents.

If I am successful in reducing my joint pain and figuring out which food (if any) cause this then hopefully this record will be useful to others.

Hopefully my meals look as delicious to others as they always do to me!


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