Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my mummy

Interesting update on the sugar situation, I had a major splurge on chocolate on Saturday and Sunday as it was Mothering Sunday in the UK this weekend.  Interestingly both my IBS and all joint pain and stiffness flared up Monday so there does seem to be a link.

I’m not sure I’m going to never eat sugar again though, this seems unrealistic.  I will just have to accept the consequences of what will happen if I scoff a whole box of chocolates while watching Hitchcock films!

Right, I’m off to repopulate my gut flora, hello Kimchi

Whole 30 – day 2

It feels like spring is here today, the snowdrops are out and it’s not too cold, the sun has even made an appearance!

Here’s what I ate on Saturday:

Breakfast:  2 sausages, 2 rashers of bacon and a hash made with celeriac, onion, mushroom and apple.  A coffee.

Lunch: soup made with chicken broth, leftover lamb and the veg from yesterdays dinner.  A banana and 4 prunes.

I was quite bloated for a long time afterwards.   It could be because I ate too much fruit after a large lunch or it could be a knock on effect from the blow-out on Thursday, it would be about 36 hours after which is about right for me.

Dinner:  I made a light lamb curry with lots of ginger and garlic.  I also use onions, broccoli, green beans and a little tomato purée so it looks like I am going to introduce tomatoes first!

Joint pain was pretty bad all day.