Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my mummy

Interesting update on the sugar situation, I had a major splurge on chocolate on Saturday and Sunday as it was Mothering Sunday in the UK this weekend.  Interestingly both my IBS and all joint pain and stiffness flared up Monday so there does seem to be a link.

I’m not sure I’m going to never eat sugar again though, this seems unrealistic.  I will just have to accept the consequences of what will happen if I scoff a whole box of chocolates while watching Hitchcock films!

Right, I’m off to repopulate my gut flora, hello Kimchi

An update

A few days after my last post my joint pain escalated again so I realised the Autoimmune Protocol was not helping at all and started to eat delicious whole foods such as nuts, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggs (I’m sorry I accused you eggs, all is forgiven) again.

I decided to try a couple of other strategies.  First strategy is to give up all forms of sugar, I started this on Thursday after breakfast ( I had some raspberries I need to use up in a breakfast smoothie first!).  2 days later my knee pain has disappeared, which was quite surprising seeing as walking even a short distance has aggravated it over the last 2 months.  On Friday I went to Aerobics and it was amazing to be able to use that leg again without thinking if a certain move is going to leave me in pain for the rest of the day.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine though as my hand and foot pain has been quite high.  The other food I am suspecting of causing me problems is coffee.  I really don’t know how it sneaked back in there again, but this morning we ran out and I am not going to purchase any more.  I have not decided yet whether to cut out black tea but if I do I will do this gradually.  I will probably continue with no sugar for two weeks before I test no caffeine at all.

Since I reintroduced eggs breakfast has become so exciting to me again!  On Friday we had courgette (zucchini) pancakes with bacon and it was so delicious.


Even something as simple as eggs scrambled with broccoli and onions tastes like a treat!


This morning we had sausages with a fried egg and potatoes sautéed with broccoli, peppers and onions.  I was eating it thinking:  “This is so delicious, I must take a picture before I gobble it all up!



I am surprised that I’m not finding it harder to give up fruit though, I suppose it’s because I have re-introduced nuts and so can snack on those instead, I always think the key is to focus on the foods you can eat rather than those you can’t!


Whole 30 – day 3

I am starting to feel like my joint pain is subsiding again, I must stay in control and remain on a strict whole 30 to see if there is a food related pattern.  I thought about stopping writing this blog as I keep on slipping up but I think if I continue to record my progress it will help stop me from eating off plan foods.

I was inspired by not-primal-toad when he was writing about his 21-day sugar detox (which I guess is pretty similar to what I’m doing), he said it’s much easier to stay on track if you record what you eat each day.  He also said it’s easier if you take photos of what you eat so I need to try to start doing this again.  I apologise in  advance for the many photos of breakfast hash that will soon appear.  I think anyone who reads what I eat for breakfast every day will look forward to me re-introducing eggs!

I also think it’s important to document what a person really goes through emotionally when they restrict what they eat compared to their normal consumption, we all have memories attached to different foods.  Many of us seek reward and comfort from foods and lets face it, sometimes we’re just too tired to cook so we pay a visit to the fish and chip shop.

Here’s what I ate on Sunday:

Breakfast: 2 sausages with (wait for it…  drum roll…) breakfast hash! made with grated swede, apples, onions.

Lunch: lamb fried with 5-spice, ginger and garlic.  I added leftover braised red cabbage, shredded mange tout, broccoli stalk matchsticks and zoodles (I used this)

Snack: grapefruit

Dinner: 5-spice ribs with sweet potato fries and salad (lettuce with avocado, kimchi and olive oil)

Joint pain was bad in the morning but from the afternoon onwards it was virtually non-existent.

Whole 30 – day 2

It feels like spring is here today, the snowdrops are out and it’s not too cold, the sun has even made an appearance!

Here’s what I ate on Saturday:

Breakfast:  2 sausages, 2 rashers of bacon and a hash made with celeriac, onion, mushroom and apple.  A coffee.

Lunch: soup made with chicken broth, leftover lamb and the veg from yesterdays dinner.  A banana and 4 prunes.

I was quite bloated for a long time afterwards.   It could be because I ate too much fruit after a large lunch or it could be a knock on effect from the blow-out on Thursday, it would be about 36 hours after which is about right for me.

Dinner:  I made a light lamb curry with lots of ginger and garlic.  I also use onions, broccoli, green beans and a little tomato purée so it looks like I am going to introduce tomatoes first!

Joint pain was pretty bad all day.

Whole 30 – Day 1

I’ve decided to reset after my blow-out and it will make more sense.  Seeing as the AIP did not work for me I would like to re-classify what I’m doing as a whole 30.  I think I will still introduce the foods I cut out carefully to see if there are any reactions but I am not expecting any thing to happen as I did not eat these foods for 10 days and the joint pain is still pretty bad.

Here’s what I ate on Friday:

Breakfast: meatball, celeriac, onion and mushroom hash

Lunch: Meatball and roasted veg soup

Dinner: roast lamb, roast sprouts, parsnip, carrots and fennel, braised red cabbage.  I then ate another apple baked with coconut cream, cinnamon and dried apricots.

Joint pain was similar, knee not too bad, knuckle quite painful.


Day 11 – I’m only human

OK, I screwed up.  It was valentines day, I was tired, there was a special deal on at the fancy supermarket and it involved Prosecco.  Back on with it today and then I will introduce eggs on Monday, I should have recovered by then.

Breakfast: bacon, onion and swede hash.

Snack: 1 banana

Lunch: chunky beef and veg soup made with bone broth

Snack, 1 orange, 1 apple and some coconut flakes

Dinner: (wait for it) mussels cooked in cream, bacon and cider, fish pie with carrots and green beans, sticky toffee pudding, Prosecco, chocolates and 1 dark rum.  Yes, it was worth it!

Joint pain has been quite bad all day, probably the reason I splurged.  Knee and knuckle have been really quite painful, I might still be paying for eating all those macaroons.

Day 10 – we may have a prime suspect

Yesterday was interesting, I ate all AIP compliant foods, but as I said I made myself the egg free macaroons as a treat, which contained quite a whack of honey.  These had a very negative effect on my body:

  • I could not control myself and kept on eating them obsessively
  • my joint pain is worse the next day (today!)
  • my IBS (bloating) flared up in the evening

I try to be careful with my overall carbs, I don’t eat sugar at all and try to keep natural liquid sweeteners low for my IBS but it didn’t occur to me that they might be affecting my joint pain, probably to do with gut flora again (is everything?).  Here is my slightly modified plan:

Seeing as it is lent I may as well give up honey and maple syrup (I don’t eat sugar anyway).  The first foods I will reintroduce (probably this coming weekend) will be Whole30 compliant.  Here they are:

  • Eggs
  • nightshades (pepper, chillis, tomato, potatoes)
  • nuts
  • seeds

I will wait and introduce chocolate, alcohol and coffee after that and then dairy.  That’s the plan, I will probably have to re-introduce chocolate at around Easter time…  I’m pretty certain dairy is not helping and I’ve given that up for a long time before so it’s not that difficult.

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Guess what – bacon and chicken hash!  with apple, sprouts, onion and swede.  it was one of the best.

Lunch: beef, cauli, carrot, fennel and onion soup made with bone broth.  Also a salad of smoked salmon, mange tout, avocado and kimchi.  Then a banana and a clementine.

Snack: coconut flakes and some prunes

Dinner: Meatballs with liver, roast parsnips, carrots and sprouts.  it was too small so I then had an apple which I baked in the microwave with coconut cream concentrate, dried apricots and cinnamon.  This is one of my favourite foods and I think I will have it again very soon.


Joint pain.  Hand pain was a lot worse, this is the one which fluctuates the most as is probably the most useful marker.  There was a little foot pain too.  Knee pain was moderate.

Day 9 – the sugar demon awakens

I know I’m not doing the Whole30 but I have just finished reading “It Starts With Food” so it has influenced my eating a little over the last few days.  I was avoiding sweet treat and felt completely in control but then this morning I fancied something so I made these coconut macaroons.  They are so good but I have to say I feel out of control on my eating again!  If you don’t care and really want something you should make them as they are chewy and delicious!  Maybe I should just enjoy them and get back on with watching my sugary foods tomorrow.  At least they are AIP compliant but how much does an excess consumption of honey/maple syrup affect these things?

Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: hash (what a surprise) made with bacon, grated butter-nut squash, onion and mushrooms

Snack: banana, 1 coconut macaroon

Lunch (picture below): salmon salad made with pan fried salmon, mange tout, fennel, avocado, kimchi.  Also some dried fruit and another macaroon.


Snack: 2 macaroons

Dinner: chicken, roast cauli, carrots, onion and fennel then it’s no surprise what I had for pudding!

Joint pain: moderate knee pain only.

Day 8 – need cake

My joint pain is slightly higher than yesterday which makes me wonder if it’s worth it, although it’s not been that difficult maybe I will just make myself some AIP compliant treats tomorrow, especially seeing as it’s pancake day!

Breakfast: Hash made with minced beef, onion, cabbage, fennel, apple

Lunch: Guacamole, carrots, celery, olives, salmon fried in lard with Greek seasoning from Practical Paleo, kimchi

Snack: Pear, 6 prunes, coconut chips

Dinner: cottage pie made with celeriac/cauli mash served with braised red cabbage and mixed green veg.

Snack: apple

Day 7 – burger and fries obsession!

I’ve got a lot to do tonight so I’ll get straight on with it:

Breakfast: Hash again made with pork mince, onion, mushrooms and grated butter-nut squash

Lunch: Burger and fries again, same as Friday because it was so tasty I made it exactly the same

Snack: Banana, 4 prunes and 4 dried apricots

Dinner: Brisket with home-made gravy, carrots, peas, sprouts, green beans and red cabbage braised with apple juice.

Joint pain is definitely less, knee pain is zero, which is unusual.  I also have zero hand pain but I still have a tiny bit of foot pain.  it could be that the AIP is working or it could just be due to the fact that I have had quite a restful weekend so I will be interested to see what happens next week when I am back to walking around all day as usual!